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Burn Fat 2x Faster In Your LIVING ROOM, Right In Front Of Your Television With The Double Edged Fat Loss *LIVE* 8-Disc DVD Set!

Shipped to your door – anywhere in the world!

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8 Done-for-You Follow-Along Fat Blasting *LIVE* Workouts With Dr. K & 2 Other Real-Life Clients ($97 each, $776 value)

Motivation, selection, customization. These are the keys to your fat loss success.

In order to get the best fat loss effect, you have to be motivated. This is the first ever *LIVE* fat loss DVD set that actually takes you through the same intensity of real-life clients. Did you ever notice that the fitness models on your workout-at-home DVD’s are barely even sweating and that everyone is smiling the whole time?

That’s not real.

Real results come from real intensity, period. I’m going to get intense, and I’m going to release the beast inside of you. Together, we will win. There’s no other way.

You have to choose the right exercises to get great results. Let me do this for you. I’ve hand-selected (and created) combination exercises that are proven to have the greatest fat loss and neuro-training effect I’ve ever seen. This is the exact reason that I was a guest on NBC and had a chance to share what seems to be a fat loss program that has doubled all other fat loss results out there within a 30 day period.

Customization is key. This is where you’ll see me adjust DEFL for different genders, age groups, experience levels with exercise, and injuries. Nothing stops us from getting the workouts done, and we never lose intensity. This is because I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Kinesiologist. It’s my job to keep people moving, and getting rid of pain and fat along the way. Because I am actually training these clients of mine, live, I’m able to treat and adjust as needed. The only other way I can ever show you this is for you to come train with me live, which I’m going to give you the opportunity to do as well, in just a moment…


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