Flexibility Recovery

Flexibility and Recovery are the two most underexposed and important areas of fitness. Without the proper muscle length or repair process in place, your workouts would be extremely limited. Functional flexibility, or flexibility as it relates to movement and muscle health, really comes down to one term: Neuro-Inhibition <— your body’s ability to reduce signal to a muscle during a stretch. If your nervous system continues to send electricity to a muscle while you are stretching it, your muscle would continue to contract and you wouldn’t get anywhere.  However, you can overpower a weak signal, which is often times where most of us spend the majority of our time while stretching.… Read More

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back exercise

Ab Definition Comes From The Back!

Hello all,Today, I’m just itching to get this off my chest. You see, most people are missing a HUGE component to their six pack abs programs. It’s training the back. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you read the article below… Ab Definition Comes From the Back By Kareem Samhouri, DPT One thing that most people who train for improved abs do not realize is that they need to train their backs at the same time. Without having a proper balance between abdominal and low back strength, there is a change in posture, ultimately resulting in a decreased physique, decreased oxygenation to muscles, and decreased endurance. This means that… Read More

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lose belly fat

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Hello, Today, I want to share an article I wrote on how to lose belly fat through exercise and without extreme dieting. A lot of people have commented to me that it’s helped them straighten some stuff out in their heads… hope it helps you too! have a great day, Kareem How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Kareem Samhouri, DPT Losing stubborn belly fat can be challenging if you are not living with the correct lifestyle modifications. Stress management techniques, regular exercise, and a decent diet are necessary strategies to ever achieve the exercise results and toned abs that you are seeking. Many people realize the importance of exercise, but… Read More

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