The biggest mistake people make with exercise is not moving in 3D — discover how you can change up your exercise routine, avoid dieting, and speed up your metabolism for faster flat abs. Instead of focusing on doing endless sit-ups or dieting all the time, think about 3-dimensional exercises that challenge all muscle fibers in your body to come together and unite for faster fat burning.

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The Ab Strength program includes five video modules. This will lead you through a 10-minute workout of 10 different exercises. You will also get the Ab Strength Support package which includes: “The Secret Ab Fomula” a 35-minute presentation that covers everything you need to know about abs; “The Real Story with Dieting and Productive Resistance Training” a special audio that gives you the inside line on why gimmicky diets just don’t work and how they can actually leave you worse off; and “Productive Resistance Training” another special audio, this time on motivation. Also included is the Ab Strength Mega Bonus Package which includes the: “Life Hard Play Hard System” which includes over 100 workouts, over 600 exercise videos, 12 fitness videos like Secret Ab Formula, pain prevention videos plus a stack more for free for a whole month; “Weight Loss Cardio” which has five videos and 25-page manual that show how to use cardio the right way; and “the Abs for Backs Guide” a 40-page guide of the How and Why balancing your body through strengthening your back is crucial in getting the best possible six pack. And they’ll also get full support from Dr. Kareem Samhouri. This has a 60-day money-back guarantee.


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