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Mission Unbreakable – Follow-along flexibility, mobility, and activation workouts – As a special offer for Dr. K followers only, you'll get 30% OFF of this entire program!

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Mission Unbreakable is a program, specifically designed to help you identify, correct, and enhance overall muscle tissue quality. You will learn to assess your own posture, identify your own muscle imbalances, and match your imbalances with a pinpoint solution on the MU Muscle Balancing Chart. There are 3 centers of Mission Unbreakable and these are (1) Evaluation center, which includes “Muscle Imbalance & Postural Screening” and “Follow-Along Movement Screening Evaluation” (2) Tutorial Center, which includes “Muscle Balancing Chart & Body Repair Video Lessons” and (3) Implementation Center, which includes 3 unique and specific pre/post-workout routines: Follow-Along Flexibility; Follow-Along Mobility and Follow-Along Tissue Release & Activation. Also included here is the Self-Diagnostic Checklist. There is an exclusive bonus for investing in Mission Unbreakable which is the “4-Step Flat Stomach Formula” for free and they will also receive a bunch of free workouts in Dr. Kareem’s groundbreaking fitness tool called Create My Workout. This has a 60 day Money Back Guarantee.


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