Follow These 3 Steps To Use Every Calorie You Consume — Either
Build Muscle Or Lose Fat — All While ‘Using’ Dietary Mistakes
To Regulate Fat-Burning and Fat-Adding Hormones.

Step 1: Figure Out Where Your Diet Went Wrong
Step 2: Pair Step 1 results with a specific type of workout.
Step 3: Strategically eat tomorrow based off of today.

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This information is not for everyone because they have to be motivated and willing to do whatever is required for this to succeed. Nutrient-Specific Training teaches you what to do today, and how to react tomorrow to promote more fat loss in less time. It is designed to reverse dietary mistakes and maximize the metabolic effect of what they’ve already eaten. There are 3 Phase Nutrient Specific Metabolism Reset: Phase 1 Reactive Training, Phase 2 Proactive Eating, and Phase 3 Pre-Feast Training. This is a simple program for 30 minutes or less in just 3 weeks that will jumpstart their metabolism and correct their diet. This also has a 60 day money back guarantee or an offer of a substitute program. There are 2 bonuses, free of charge: first is the “8 Custom-Built Workouts (Writing your own future workouts — Solved.)” and second “The Final Answer To Fat Loss (Get the workouts, Learn the methods.).”


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